Summer is back, people are back, days grow longer, nights grow louder, forests regain their vibrancy, and blossoms color the land. Mountains hug every visitor to its sides, allowing the families to gather for the greatest rendezvous of smiles.

Ehden, or “The Garden of Eden” as we prefer to call it; has been blessed with a magical setting of wonderful scenery, a place where Nature meets Arts and Culture. Every year during summer, Ehden opens its traditionally-built-houses to welcome its visitors, where the huge and diverse crowds enjoy the famous gastronomy restaurants, the challenging outdoor recreational activities, the fascinating Natural Reserve, and the serenity of the holy churches and monasteries.

On this mountain top, lies “the Town that Never Sleeps”, where every year we celebrate Ehdeniyat. The journey, which started in 2004, flourished from a local and national event to an International festival of Music and Art. But above all this, Ehdeniyat became an experience of glamour, culture and tradition; “An Experience that Never Ends”.

Come join us to Ehdeniyat, where you will enjoy a fresh cool summer breeze in a typical Ehden August setting.